AMA Announcement: My Meta Farm x ForN Gaming Guild

The My Meta Farm’s first Discord AMA took place in the community.

We’re excited to announce that our first Discord AMA is about to take place. This is the AMA of My Meta Farm in association with ForN Gaming Guild to organize.

Set your alarm and prepare good questions for a chance to win prizes from us.

Everything you need to know about My Meta Farm x ForN Gaming Guild AMA


Time: 12:00 PM (UTC) on August 23rd, 2022

Reward: 10 Yukata NFTs

  • Prize Structure:

We especially give away 10 yukata NFTs for the 10 best questions selected by My Meta Farm, in which:

- 5 best questions from Live Q&A during AMA

- 5 best questions from our Form

NOTE: The form will be closed at 11:00 AM (UTC) on August 23rd.

Hurry up, ask us questions now!

How to join in My Meta Farm x ForN Gaming Guild AMA:

- Follow My Meta Farm’s Twitter & ForN Gaming Guild’s Twitter

- Join My Meta Farm’s Community & ForN Gaming Guild’s Community

About ForN Gaming Guild

ForN is a DAO-type game guild service that issues tokens.

Within the ForN service, users can create communities (clans, guilds) with other users, and allows anyone to operate as a DAO.

About My Meta Farm

My Meta Farm is a 3D socializing platform and a web3 Metaverse where players are free to be creative and enjoy the social media and practical activities of modern life, all in a single 3D world.

With 6 main features that help users express creativity and enjoy the entertainment space:


Players can buy and own virtual lands and experience life as a resident of Metaverse City.

3D Avatar

This allows players to create their unique 3D avatar.

Creative Tools

Our Web3 platform provides all the tools users need to create, build, publish, and scale their own world ( Design lands, houses, fashion, and everything)

Digital Fashion

Players can freely design digital fashion, not only to beautify their characters but also to exchange and buy on the Marketplace.


In the world of My Meta Farm- games are indispensable! A series of minigames will appear in our city to help connect everyone, and more specifically, the rewards of minigames are very attractive and fun


My Meta Farm was created to break down geographical barriers and bring people from all over the world closer together in a place where they can be anyone, go anywhere, and meet anyone.

“Through a lively, fun story and beautiful 3D graphics, My Meta Farm aims to create a playground for both casual players and blockchain enthusiasts.” Of course, their creativity is the foundation of everything!

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My Meta Farm

My Meta Farm is an open world farming NFT 3D game project inspired by Animal Crossing, where players can create their own world by themselves to cultivate land…