AMA Recap: My Meta Farm x ForN Gaming Guild

1st Segment: Introduction

  • Our CEO, Mr. Thanh Le, Founder/CEO of EastFog Studios — one of the pioneers in the early indie game development movement in Vietnam since 2009. He is a huge dream-chaser especially interested and deeply focused on game quality as well as gamer experience. He is also the initiator of the movement-making games on Steam, bringing famous Vietnamese games into the international playground.
  • Mr. Tung Nguyen — Co-Founder/CTO of EastFog Studios, together with Mr. Thanh, is one of the pioneers in the movement of making high-quality 3D games on PC and Steam. With over 8 years of experience in the field of Game — Web and Database programming. His strength is specializing in system design for high-quality game series (PC/Mac/Linux, Console, WebGL). Tung has been involved in the Windy Kingdom project since the very beginning. He has always shared the same vision of creating a game world where there is no gap between creativity and breaking down barriers between the real world and the virtual world.
  • Mr. Son Vu — COO at My Meta Farm, growing with technical background and MBA. He has experienced the Junior Management program of Bosch, and contributed to Vinfast’s global projects of the electric vehicle. After gaining a Bachelor of Law and PMP qualification, he collected experience of projects in Germany, Vietnam, Thailand, and Malaysia, before following the growth map of metaverse enthusiasts. Mr. Son has a vision that Metaverse will become a vital application for human life before 2030. His ability in languages, management, as well as platform technology execution has become an important piece of My Meta Farm.
  • An endless entertainment metaverse platform: Coming to My Meta Farm, users not only experience a simple game product, but they can also participate in the extremely attractive applications of My Meta Farm including: Minigames, Battle Royale, Farming, Social Platform, exploring the huge open-world… In addition, we always encourage game studios to join in building products and support them to operate on the My Meta Farm’s platform. More specifically, users only need to use ONLY ONE account (character) to experience them all.
  • Spaces dedicated to clubs/fan clubs: Not only a place for entertainment, but My Meta Farm also has very special areas for clubs to hold events, celebrities can meet, and share with their fans.
  • Enhancing creativeness: We provide very user-friendly and powerful tools to enable creatives to unleash their full potential. Not only that, those masterpieces can become NFT with just a few clicks and they can easily transfer them to friends or monetize by selling them on My Meta Farm’s in-house marketplace.
  • Physical NFTs: At My Meta Farm, we will be releasing unique item collections. At that time, the user not only owns NFT items (which their character can use in all My Meta Farm products) but they can also redeem a physical product corresponding to that NFT. We will have more specific articles about this feature in the near future.

2nd Segment: Questions from the Community

3rd Segment: Live Questions

  • Beautiful 3D graphic design
  • Totally free to join
  • Towards Metaverse, Web3 Platform, innovative user dimension, being part of the open world
  • Cooperate with various Minigames projects

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My Meta Farm

My Meta Farm


My Meta Farm is an open world farming NFT 3D game project inspired by Animal Crossing, where players can create their own world by themselves to cultivate land…