Hot: My Meta Farm brand new Airdrop event — Ways to join in

Good day to all of our citizens, guess what’s on this July? My Meta Farm joyfully announces that we are going to have an extremely hot airdrop event. Are you ready to join but don’t know the information yet? Read this article now.

About My Meta Farm x Questfi Airdrop

On the occasion of a special event last June — we have the partnership with QuestFi.

My Meta Farm and QuestFi officially organized this airdrop event for the community: the NFT Collection with Vietnamese cultural beauty on My Meta Farm and Whitelist Spots on QuestFi.

Event Timeline: 1:30 PM UTC on July 1st — 1:30 PM UTC on July 7th 2022

Rewards: 15 NFT Sets on My Meta Farm Metaverse and 5 whitelist Spots on QuestFi.

15 NFT Sets on My Meta Farm: Each Ao Dai Set will include 3 NFTs:

  • Non La NFT
  • Ao Dai NFT
  • Wooden clogs NFT

5 Whitelist Spots on QuestFi: Details about whitelist benefits

  • Receive native token airdrops
  • Early access to Beta Launch
  • Roles in QuestFi’s Discord

How to join My Meta Farm x QuestFi Airdrop?

You can take the following steps to have a chance to win the attractive NFTs above. The steps are very simple. You can easily do each task in less than 5 seconds.

Perform the following tasks to be eligible for the airdrop:

– Follow @mymetafarm on Twitter

– Follow @questfiofficial on Twitter

– Like, Comment & Retweet My Meta Farm’s Tweet

– Like, Comment & Retweet QuestFi’s Tweet

– Subscribe @MyMetaFarm Channel on Telegram

– Take Part in QuestFi community on Telegram

– Join My Meta Farm’s Discord Server

– Participate in QuestFi’s Discord Server

– Invite friends to My Meta Farm & QuestFi Discord

– Pre-register an account on My Meta Farm website

– Submit Your ERC-20 Wallet Address

Every successful referral will gain you +50 entries. So invite more friends, increase your winning rate.

Once you’re done, you’ll be in the running to win a chance to participate in the Airdrop! My Meta Farm will then randomly select the lucky winners in advance and notify you via our social media platforms. The more entries you get, the higher the rate to be won!

About My Meta Farm

My Meta Farm is a metaverse integrated with a huge open world and social games hub powered by blockchain technology. The project’s core teams are EastFog Studios and Starpunk, two reputable units in the game development community and blockchain-based product development industry, having strong commitments and being responsible for producing My Meta Farm.

My Meta Farm is a free-to-play blockchain game where every player can freely create their virtual open worlds as well as interact with other players to relax. Below are what you could do in My Meta Farm:

The Metaverse City

Firstly, metaverse city: Our citizens can explore, connect, make friends, interact, visit friends’ houses, do quests to receive rewards, search for gifts, special random appearances, special events, and meetings with idols.


Secondly, minigames: Join different minigames on your own or with friends to earn game points which can be used to redeem more NFT items.


Last but not least, marketplace: Exchange or trade several NFTs items in the Metaverse with other players.

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My Meta Farm

My Meta Farm

My Meta Farm is an open world farming NFT 3D game project inspired by Animal Crossing, where players can create their own world by themselves to cultivate land…