Hot: My Meta Farm NFTs are available on Opensea now!

What is the OpenSea Platform?

OpenSea is the first and largest fully decentralized NFT (a non-fungible exchange NFT).

My Meta Farm finds OpenSea to be a reliable platform for exchanging items.

The processing of transactions on OpenSea is fast and transparent in the form of a smart contract (Smart Contract).

From now on, you can buy My Meta Farm NFTs on OpenSea

Let’s Q&A!

What currencies does OpenSea support?

How much does it cost to create an NFT?

What to keep in mind when buying NFT on OpenSea?

How much is the transaction fee on OpenSea?

About My Meta Farm

My Meta Farm is a metaverse integrated with a huge open world and social games hub powered by blockchain technology.



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My Meta Farm

My Meta Farm


My Meta Farm is an open world farming NFT 3D game project inspired by Animal Crossing, where players can create their own world by themselves to cultivate land…