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3 min readMay 15, 2022


Airdrop is a term that is still unfamiliar to the majority. If you do not know what an airdrop is and the common types of Airdrop, let’s learn more about them with My Meta Farm.

What is “Airdrop”?

Airdrop is a fairly new term in the Crypto Market. You may simply put it that Airdrop is having free wealth falling from above, you just need to quickly put it in your wallet.

In proper temrs, Airdrop is a form of free distribution of tokens/coins. To receive these coins, you need to provide some information about yourself such as your email address, and wallet address, kind of like a mini “ekyc”. Most holders wait until the coin is on the exchange to be able to buy, sell, and trade it with other coins. Ethereum, Stellar, and NEO are the most popular platforms used for airdrop projects.

Participating in the Airdrop is simple, you just have to do the tasks that the game requires such as: like, share, and refer your friends to have a chance to become the winner of the Airdrop.

Popular forms of airdrop on the market

Nowadays, there are many different types of airdrops, such as bonus airdrops, exclusive airdrops, and airdrops for holders:

  • Exclusive Airdrop: This is an airdrop in a way that only sends cryptocurrencies to pre-specified wallets. Typically, receivers are people who have been involved in supporting the project since the beginning, such as active members of the community or early supporters of the project.
  • Holders Airdrops: Holders airdrops are the free distribution of tokens to people who already have a certain amount of digital currency in their wallets. The project team usually takes a snapshot of a user’s crypto holdings at a specific date and time. If the balance in the wallet meets the minimum requirement, the recipient can claim free tokens according to the amount they hold at the time of the snapshot.
  • Bounty airdrop: This is a form of airdrop as a form of bonus. To participate, users must complete certain tasks, such as sharing a post about the project on Twitter, joining the project’s official Telegram, or creating a post and tagging a few friends on Instagram. To claim tokens from the bounty airdrop, you may be asked to fill out your wallet address form and provide proof that you have completed the task.

Airdrop events of My Meta Farm

My Meta Farm plan to hold many attractive Airdrop events for the community to create opportunities for citizens to own our items. To better understand Airdrop events, you may check out our Airdrop.

  • Metaverse Campaign: This is our first Airdrop event. My Meta Farm randomly selects 2000 citizens to receive NFTs items. Additionally, the top 20 users with the highest entries receive a limited edition tiger — our luxury NFTs.
  • In the future, we will cooperate with other blockchain projects to organize Airdrop events exclusively for NFTs and tokens holders in these projects.
  • Not only that, My Meta Farm also plans to organize Airdrops of $MMF tokens in the future.

In order to not miss out on any of the latest events, keep an eye out for our social channels!

Why should you join My Meta Farm Airdrop?

Owning our NFTs early will be a big advantage as you can trade NFTs on our Marketplace at a better price.

In addition, My Meta Farm is also a potential project which has received much love from the community, some of our achievements including:

  • Top 2 in Metathon contest
  • Top 2 voted in BNB Grant
  • Top 3 Metaverse Track of Moledao Hackathon
  • Top 10 in Avalanche Hackathon
  • Twitter reaching 60K followers in 5 months
  • TikTok reaching 10K followers in less than 2 weeks

This is also a joint project with EastFog — an indie game studio specializing in making high-quality game products on Steam. With a lot of experience in the field of game production, Eastfog has received many positive reviews from the international gaming community.

Don’t forget that we are going to hold a lot of Airdrop events for the community so that everyone has the opportunity to own NFTs as soon as possible. Always follow our social channels to not miss out on our latest information.



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