My Meta Farm Quarter 1 Report — We Hits 50K Followers

Finally, guys! That’s it for the first three months. Reports came back from our data analysis this morning. Let’s have a quick look together, shall we?

Wait! Before we begin,

we would like to thank you all very much for your fervent support over the past three months. Especially your presence at our Airdrop event, shout out to all citizens of My Meta Farm and new players. THANK. YOU!

You made the numbers of this quarter astonishing!

Grand Achievements in Quarter 1

  • My Meta Farm reaches 50,000 followers on Twitter
  • My Meta Farm reaches 10,000 followers on TikTok in less than 2 weeks
  • Our first held airdrop was anticipated by more than 80,156 participants, in which, the top 3 countries in term of participation are Japan, Indonesia, and Vietnam

These stats mean a lot, both for our players and for us. For us, it means that our impacts are getting bigger and this means our responsibilities are increasing daily! To bring the best virtual farming experience for you, our dear citizen of My Meta Farm!

For you, our beloved supporters, it means that many exciting events and features of My Meta Farm are coming. Hopefully, in quarters 2 and 3.

For us both, it means that we’re building a great community that is emerging in the NFT market together.

Right now, we are nurturing a community that steadily reached over 80 thousand participants. Wanna bet this if this number surges to beyond 100K next quarter? We hope to see even greater support from all of you, as we are sure you guys can do that!

Recap of Special event

The recap of the special event is truly amazing!

We’re glad that participants had nothing but good things to say about our Airdrop event that they even referred to their friends.

We appreciate your feedback. We are motivated to learn that players think that the event is time worthy!

“If a new event is coming, snooze me then! I will lock my barn and head to the town for you all next event, My Meta Farm. I am waiting!” — One of our citizens commented on our social platform.

Definitely! More great events are coming soon … very soon! We have new NFT items and new special events with lots of free presents and rewards for you… probably worthwhile of your time.

For new citizens who have not shared with us yet, hit us up via email! We will reply to you asap!

Next Step

We are overwhelmed just by announcing the news to you. This is a great report and a great day at your metaverse environment in My Meta Farm!

But hey, all citizens, we just want to make a quick announcement on our next plans for you.

We have just finalized our deal with Plant Exodus. One thing is for sure! It’s going to be super-duper fun!

There will be many other attractive projects and events for you to mark on your calendar soon.

Obviously, new ideas and initiatives are coming in, new NFT items, new animals, new pets, and more and more new features in the metaverse of My Meta Farm if you join our events! So, don’t forget, okay?



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