My Meta Farm & QuestFi Airdrop: How to claim “Ao Dai Set” NFT?

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5 min readJul 15, 2022

First, My Meta Farm would like to congratulate the 15 luckiest players who won the “Ao Dai Set” NFT reward in QuestFi & My Meta Farm Airdrop. Read this article to know how to claim this NFT!

Back to the QuestFi & My Meta Farm Airdrop

The last Airdrop event was to celebrate the partnership between My Meta Farm and QuestFi. It covers a sequence of events on Glem, and we used a fortune wheel to determine the 15 names that received the rewards.

This airdrop became one of My Meta Farm’s most attractive events, with over 10,000 players participating. This has proved the attraction of My Meta Farm as well as QuestFi. And, we cannot ignore the beauty of the “Ao Dai Set” NFT.

How to claim My Meta Farm “Ao Dai Set” NFT

The process of claiming NFT is really easy. Follow the instructions below!

First, from the web homepage, you can click the “Metaverse” to claim the NFT.

Secondly, at this interface, you just need to scroll down to see the beautiful Ao Dai NFT at the top of the list. Then, you can click the “Receive now” button to continue claiming.

Thirdly, you have to connect the MetaMask wallet to your My Meta Farm account so that you can claim the NFT. At this step, just click the “Connect Wallet” button.

After linking the Metamask wallet, and signing it, you will be able to claim the Item. There is a thing you must pay close attention to: Please link your account with the wallet you won as announced on our channel.

Then, click the Claim button and wait for the processing. You will see the Notification of MetaMask appear again. What you have to do is confirm your payment transition.

Please note that you have available Matic in your wallet to pay for the Transaction fee.

Finally, it’s done! It may take a few seconds, so just be patient and wait to get your NFT! You can check the Inventory to see your reward.

See detailed steps in this video

What does the “Ao Dai Set” NFT have?

My Meta Farm always respects and loves traditional elements. In this airdrop, we want to give players the famous traditional clothes of Vietnam: 15 sets of Ao Dai. This “Ao Dai set” NFT will include a beautiful Ao Dai NFT, Non La NFT, and Wooden clogs NFT.

Ao Dai (Apricot blossom version): A traditional costume that exalts the beauty of Vietnamese women. The costume is gentle and bold with yellow color. This color symbolizes the apricot blossom — a flower representing spring in Vietnam.

Non La NFT is an item used to cover the sun and rain. Non La is also one of the typical symbols of Vietnamese. The NFT usually comes with a strap made of soft fabric or velvet and silk to keep on the neck.

This clog is the perfect item when combined with Ao Dai. The clog will give you an ideal height when wearing. And you know what? This NFT is being favored by many women in our community.

About My Meta Farm

My Meta Farm is a metaverse integrated with a huge open world and social games hub powered by blockchain technology. The project’s core teams are EastFog Studios and Starpunk, two reputable units in the game development community and blockchain-based product development industry, having strong commitments and being responsible for producing My Meta Farm.

My Meta Farm is a free-to-play blockchain game where every player can freely create their virtual open worlds as well as interact with other players to relax. Below are what you could do in My Meta Farm:

The Metaverse City

Firstly, metaverse city: Our citizens can explore, connect, make friends, interact, visit friends’ houses, do quests to receive rewards, search for gifts, special random appearances, special events, and meetings with idols.


Secondly, minigames: Our citizens can join different minigames on their own or with friends to earn game points which can be used to redeem more NFT items.


Last but not least, marketplace: Exchange or trade several NFTs items in the Metaverse with other players.

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