My Meta Farm x PlanckX — New partnership in 2022

My Meta Farm
3 min readDec 6, 2022


My Meta Farm is glad to announce our partnership with PlanckX. With the same goals, we will bring many opportunities to bring your experience to the next level!

About PlanckX

PlanckX is an aggregator platform that applies to all P2E and GameFi, providing gamers with a solution for finding, querying, and trading assets on the blockchain. It helps players easily remove blockchain game barriers and find new games that offer tokenized or NFT tokens.

PlanckX makes it easy for players to do everything. PlanckX not only provides players with a dashboard of game data and information but also provides direct one-click access to the NFT game props spot trading interface and provides an overview of details about the game’s P2E data. This incentivizes players to trade game assets through a more secure blockchain game store.

PlanckX provides players with many blockchain game information and NFT transactions for globally popular blockchain games. PlanckX is collaborating with more than 50 game projects around the world. Trading of the game is also done simultaneously on the platform.

About My Meta Farm

My Meta Farm is a Web3 Metaverse — friendly to all users to enjoy entertainment, socializing, and creativity.

My Meta Farm combines The SandBox model of Open World Gaming, decentralization, and user data ownership with Animal Crossing’s success of soothing and imaginative experience to create a carefully-crafted blockchain platform, compatible with all devices.

My Meta Farm has already created a social platform with 6 features that help players express their creativity, namely:

My Meta Farm Metaverse

Players can buy and own virtual lands and experience life as a resident of Metaverse City.

My Meta Farm 3D Avatar

This allows players to create their unique 3D avatars.

Creative Tool

This is a tool to help you build your favorite house and land.

Digital Fashion

Players can freely design digital fashion, not only to beautify their characters but also to exchange and buy on the Marketplace.

My Meta Farm Minigames

Interesting games that keep players entertained.


Creating a living space for players to socialize with friends and monetize their gaming experience.

My Meta Farm hopes to be able to enhance the player’s experience because our efforts come from a single motivation — Your Idea — Our Aspiration!

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My Meta Farm

My Meta Farm is an open world farming NFT 3D game project inspired by Animal Crossing, where players can create their own world by themselves to cultivate land…