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My Meta Farm
2 min readApr 11, 2022


The metaverse is a virtual world created to bridge the gaps in the real world. Helping people genuinely connect with each other. At Metaverse, players can convert items from game to game thanks to the open economy.

Players can buy NFTs and use tokens to change their properties and explore the virtual world they live in. Therefore, diversifying the activities and experiences of players is a factor that My Meta Farm puts on top.

Expand cooperation in the world

After the collaboration with the game Plant Exodus, My Meta Farm also has many other unannounced cooperation plans. These partnerships promise to bring My Meta Farm players a variety of experiences in Metaverse and bring more investment opportunities.

Our search for partners has not stopped, EastFog and Starpunk hope to have more promising cooperation in the future.

Vote for the next Airdrop

While waiting for My Meta Farm to launch, airdrops will be released to show gratitude to those who have followed and supported My Meta Farm from our very beginning. In addition, My Meta Farm always puts users’ opinions first, so we will decide to open the next airdrop for the project that the My Meta Farm community is most interested in.

Currently, which project do you want My Meta Farm to organize an airdrop for? Do not hesitate to leave the name you desire. We will synthesize comments from all official My Meta Farm community and media channels to come up with the final result.

Let’s vote together for the project you are interested in!

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My Meta Farm

My Meta Farm is an open world farming NFT 3D game project inspired by Animal Crossing, where players can create their own world by themselves to cultivate land…